Sleep Rebuilder

Your roadmap to overcoming insomnia

Sleep Rebuilder

Your roadmap to overcoming insomnia



You're not getting enough sleep but you don't know what to do about it.

You feel like you have tried ‘every trick in the book’ to fix your sleep but nothing has worked.

You are not sure what other options there are available to you and are starting to feel there is no hope. Even your doctor can’t help.  Perhaps you are feeling desperate and alone.

You do not have to continue to suffer with the awful effects of sleep deprivation. Sleeping troubles can be solved quickly and easily with the right step by step approach to treating the problem from all angles. This is about going far deeper than sleep hygiene and generic sleep advice and tackling the problem by taking away all of the conditions that allow insomnia to thrive. You have far more control and capacity to change this than you know.


1. You spend time at night staring at the ceiling
2. You just don't seem to be able to get your mind to stop
3. You have suffered with insomnia and sleepless nights for years
4. You get anxious about sleep and bedtime - which then affects your sleep
5. You are not getting enough sleep & you need more
6. You have a hard time at bedtime


 If you are really tired and


the Sleep Rebuilder Programme is designed for you.


Don’t be fooled into thinking that because you have had problems sleeping for a long time that you are beyond help. It really doesn’t matter how long the problem has existed, it can be overcome by following the SAFE Sleep Formula.

You do not simply have to settle for a mind that doesn’t ‘switch off’ to let you sleep – It's time to do something about it and get your mind working to your advantage.

You are not stuck with feeling anxious about your bed and night time – Time to change all that so you can get out of your own way to get the sleep you need.

The 'Sleep Rebuilder Programme' is for anyone who spends their nights staring at the ceiling, wishing they could be asleep.

We were all born knowing how to sleep. A human being is designed to sleep, it just went wrong somewhere along the way. We want to rebuild your sleep so you can look forward to bedtime again.

Restoring good quality, natural sleep requires a joined up approach to removing all the conditions that allow sleeplessness to thrive. This must happen in the right order with each step you take building on the last, so as to break all the habits of your mind and body that are keeping you stuck.

There are 4 main building blocks to restoring your sleep which as a collective make up my

SAFE Sleep Formula. They are:

Just focusing on one or two of these components in isolation is not likely to achieve the results you are after. It needs to be all of them and it needs to be in the right order, one step at a time.

This process applies to you whether you have struggled with your sleep for 6 months or 20 years. 

It is never too late.


How Does The Sleep Rebuilder Programme Work?

The Sleep Rebuilder Programme follows the exact formula I have been using with clients for over 10 years. For this reason, the structure and delivery of this programme is very deliberate, based on what I know works best from experience.

This is a 6 week programme where you will receive one module per week. This is very intentional so you can absorb and master one building block before you move onto the next. Having all the information in one go would not do you any favours.

 The programme consists of video lessons each week which are broken down into small, digestible pieces. You will need to spend around 1 hour per week watching the materials in each module. There is an action step to take each week which I guide you through using the audio track.

The key to success in this programme depends on you implementing the action step each week. This is not at all complicated or time consuming. All it requires from you is to be PERSISTENT and CONSISTENT with the strategies. It is all about practice, practice, practice. We want to retrain your body and your mind to sleep well.

As soon as you sign up you can complete the assessment and a 1 week sleep diary and tell me all about your sleep problems. With this information I can look at your specific circumstances, answer your questions more thoroughly and guide you in the best way possible.


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Support from Emma


Seem too simple? Here’s the secret – sleep is simple.

It is not complicated or inventive. Sleep problems are predictable and follow patterns. Trust me, I have dealt with a lot of them!

 It seems complicated when you are in it – that’s why you need something else to help you. You cannot expect yourself to do this alone.

Can you make your sleep a priority for the next 6 weeks? Can you invest in yourself to give yourself this basic human need  – a good nights sleep.


You have to understand that that I am not magic and this is not a magic wand. There are no quick fixes to natural, reliable, easy sleep.

I need you to commit. To set aside 1 HOUR A WEEK to learn and then to IMPLEMENT what you learn. I promise it is not difficult or complicated or time consuming. I make sure to keep things simple because I know you are tired and you have a life to live.

I only need you to be PERSISTENT and CONSISTENT when you implement my techniques. Your mind and body need to relearn how to sleep and with my guidance you are going to teach them.

▸ Enough blind hoping things will get better   

▸ Enough staying stuck in the same cycle 

▸ It’s time to take action.


Package Options:



Payment plan of 2x £167 available


  • Full access to the Sleep Rebuilder Programme
  • Personalised video feedback and recommendations from the initial 'All about my sleep' form and 1 week sleep diary
  • Your questions answered on a weekly Q&A call
  • Access to all materials on the app





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Payment plan of 2x £237 available


  • Up to 4 x 30 minute 1:1 calls or 1:1 emails to support your progress
  • Accountability to keep you on track
  • Full access to the Sleep Rebuilder Programme
  • Personalised video feedback and recommendations from the initial 'All about my sleep' form and 1 week sleep diary
  • Your questions answered on a weekly Q&A call
  • Access to all materials on the app



Payment plan of 2x £327 available


  • Individually tailored sessions designed entirely around you, your needs and your situation
  • Support for more complex sleep problems or situations
  • Up to 4 x 50 minute 1:1 calls with Emma to support your progress
  • Accountability to keep you on track
  • Full access to the Sleep Rebuilder Programme
  • Access to all materials on the app

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What My Clients Have To Say:


'Before starting, I had been struggling with chronic insomnia for over 10 years. After only two weeks I was already sleeping better and feeling so much ‘lighter’ in my mood.  After 5 weeks I am now sleeping more and awake less in the night and I am also falling to sleep much quicker as well'


'Before I sought Emma’s help I’d had problems sleeping for 20 years. It was normal to be getting three hours of sleep a night or less, sometimes none at all.I feel transformed.  Sleep is longer an issue!  I sleep about seven hours a night and wake up refreshed and clear headed.  I still wake up occasionally, but this isn’t a problem and I drift back off again (previously impossible)'


'At my worst point my sleep was getting that bad I wouldn’t sleep for days, maybe 4 days sometimes. And even then it might only be an hour or two sleep but still I didn’t even think or feel like I’d been to sleep. I can now sleep for at least 12 hours a day if I wanted to, sleep just seems so easy for me now'


Emma Ashford - One of the UK's leading sleep experts

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