When you work shifts, learning to get enough good quality sleep has to be a priority. 

Sleep is an essential part of your health and wellness, so when your job demands you shift your sleep to different times of the day or night, it can have a huge impact on your life. Most shift workers report insufficient hours of sleep as well as the sleep they do get being poor quality.

Shift work creates unique challenges for your mental, physical and emotional health, the majority of which are rooted in not getting enough sleep.

A persistent lack of good quality, natural sleep has been linked to a wide range of mental and physical illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes and depression. Alongside this there is the impact on relationships, mood, motivation and overall quality of life to consider, which in part comes from working or sleeping at unusual times but is also hugely affected by fatigue and an accumulated lack of sleep.

For shift workers, it is essential to learn to get the very most from your sleep.

If you learn how to successfully shift your sleep so you get adequate, good quality rest, it is easier to take care of the other challenges that your work pattern presents.

You are in the right place if you:

  • work shifts which affects your sleep pattern
  • are not getting enough sleep
  • are not getting good quality sleep
  • would like to improve your sleep

You can take control of your life by choosing to equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to keep yourself well rested and healthy while you balance the demands of your job with your wellbeing, family and social life.

The shifting your sleep programme will equip you with sleep skills so that you can make sure that the sleep you get is great quality and you are getting enough hours in. The foundation for everything else in life is good sleep.

The Sleep Shifter Programme covers:

Everything you need to know and do to improve the quantity and quality of your sleep, in the context of working shifts. 


Module 1: Sleep Education

I want to put you in control by teaching you what happens when you sleep, how it works and what you can do to support it. This means you understand everything else we cover in the other modules. Sleep education alone can make a huge difference in how you think about your sleep and the quantity and quality of sleep you get. We will explore the challenges of shift work for your body clock and the 'ideal' sleep we are aiming for in the context of your work patterns. 


Module 2: Optimise your environment

Learn how to set up your environment to support your sleep, both when you are sleeping at night and when sleeping in the day. Discover the practical steps you can take to set yourself up for good sleep. 


Module 3: Setting up great sleep routines

Support your circadian rhythm and set the conditions up in your favour for sleep by creating strong routines before you go to bed, whether at night or in the day. This is not demanding of your time, it is about optimising your time and using it wisely to support your sleep.


Module 4 : How to support your body for sleep

Do you go to bed knowing you're tired but yet you feel really awake? Do you ever feel like you are full of adrenalin and can't settle for sleep? This module is all about how to combat the experience of 'tired but wired' and support your body to move into sleep. You will learn how to positively influence your body chemistry to move it towards sleep meaning to you will be able to fall asleep faster, experience deeper, better quality sleep and extend the amount of time you spend asleep. 


Module 5: How to prepare your mind for sleep

Have you every got into bed feeling exhausted but your mind is racing? Do find yourself lying awake with random thoughts keeping your mind busy and preventing you sleeping? This module teaches you how to change this so your mind can be ready for sleep when you get into bed. You will learn techniques to manage that busy mind as well as how to manage that feeling that your not going to be able to sleep. Learning to manage your mind like this is essential for getting some good sleep when you come off shift. 


Module 6: Managing 'the night before' 

One of the biggest challenges I hear from shift workers is having a terrible nights sleep before your next shift pattern starts. You worry about how the next few days will be, how much sleep you will get or sleeping through your alarm. It sets you up on a bad footing before you have even gone to work. This module is all about how to break that pattern and get a good nights sleep in preparation for work. 


Module 7: Managing shift transitions

Moving from one pattern of sleep to another is a difficult transition for your body and it is hard to know how to best manage. In this module we address this and look at how best to do this so you have a plan for your next shift transition. 



How to look after your overall wellbeing as a shift worker

It is widely accepted that working shifts will mean that your mental and emotional health suffers in some way. This bonus module helps to address this and look at what you can do and what you can take control of in order to minimise the effects of your working pattern on the rest of your life.

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