The quality of your sleep can make or break the quality of your life.  Can’t get to sleep?  Can’t stay asleep?  Can’t get quality sleep?  The effects of sleep deprivation can have huge consequences for our mental, emotional and physical well-being and our personal and professional lives.

Welcome to Sleep Seekers, helping everyone from insomniacs to shift workers get what is so often taken for granted – a good night’s sleep, every night.

Whether you’ve struggled with insomnia for years and feel you’ve tried everything, have developed an anxiety of sleep or just want to learn how to get the best possible sleep, you’re in the right place.

Sleep through the night

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Emma Ashford is one of the UK’s leading sleep experts and insomnia therapists.

Through her unique SAFE™ sleep formula, Emma has helped hundreds of people overcome their sleep challenges naturally, without medication, and within six weeks.

As well as helping people reclaim their lives from sleeplessness, Emma also works within organisations, teaching staff how to get the best possible sleep available, which can prevent the onset of sleep and health problems.

What type of Sleep Seeker are you?

Seeking to overcome insomnia

This is you, if you:

- Have significantly disturbed sleep

- Can't get to sleep or can't stay asleep

- Have long term insomnia

- Are taking sleeping tablets or relying on another aid

- Feel anxious about your sleep

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Seeking better sleep

This is you, if you:

- Know your sleep is affected by stress

- Have a busy mind at bedtime

- Want to improve the quality of your sleep

- Want to learn how to protect your sleep

- Want to feel more rested

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Seeking to shift sleep

This is you, if you:

- Work shifts or irregular hours

- Want to maximise your sleep when working shifts

- Need more sleep than you currently get

- Have a busy mind when you go to bed

-Struggle to get to sleep or stay asleep

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