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Getting enough good quality sleep is one of the foundation stones of your existence

It underpins your physical and mental health as well as your resilience to cope with every day life. When you aren't getting enough sleep, everything suffers.

Yet, for something so important, there is very little sleep education available. Sleep skills are not widely taught. There are few treatment options available or professionals available to help when sleep goes wrong. Even doctors receive very little training relating to sleep.

This is why Sleep Seekers exists. Sleep Seekers is all about sleep education and awareness building, sleep promotion, teaching science backed sleep skills and most importantly, sleep therapy to allow recovery from all levels of sleep troubles.


My Story

I found my love of working with all things sleep and insomnia in my 10 years running my busy private practice as a Counsellor, Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Coach.


Finding my specialism in sleep was not the plan and I certainly didn’t expect it. It came from experience and seeing huge success. I collected up strategies and techniques from all of my training and experience and put them together to create my own models. I saw what worked over and over again and saw patterns emerging. I delved into the science and research. I got to know insomnia and sleep difficulties inside out. I got a huge amount of satisfaction from helping people to get their lives back.

I saw people ‘come back to life’ over and over again as they took control of their sleep and got the rest they needed. How could you not love that?

I started to recognise that with a bit of education and some fundamental ‘sleep skills’, we can all see improvements in our sleep, develop a sleep resilience and drastically reduce the likelihood of insomnia and sleep problems from developing. This led to teaching sleep optimisation and promotion to individuals as well as through speaking and training events. I consult and deliver training on sleep to the Police Force as well as providing workshops to other business and organisations. 

Although I am trained in Counselling, Hypnotherapy, NLP and Coaching, I do not exclusively use any of these approaches in my methods for promoting and restoring sleep.

Rather, I use the best of each, applied alongside a big dose of science and common sense to create logical, easy to implement roadmaps to get you to your ultimate goal - a great nights sleep.

I naturally adopt a playful approach because we are all human and we all possess a human brain which can cause mayhem from time to time, particularly in relation to sleep. I am all about normalising this and helping you to quickly manage your mind and use it to your advantage to get the sleep you need. Plus, when you are sleep deprived, you don’t want dull and boring, you need positive and engaging which is what Sleep Seekers is all about.

I am mum to 2 young children

and I have faced (and continue to face) many of the sleep challenges that having young children brings. I understand the challenges of having a busy life, many responsibilities and multiple demands on your time. 

I believe in providing advice and support that is practical and relevant to real life. You won't find any rigid or restrictive plans here. 

I believe that sleep can be flexible to your life (within reason) and I focus on helping you to have a great relationship with your sleep.  

One of my passions is to empower every person with the knowledge and strategies to get good quality, natural sleep so you can feel good and show up as the best version of yourself in every part of your life. 


How can Sleep Seekers help you?

  • THE SLEEP CLINIC : Book your one off sleep assessment session with Emma to explore your sleep challenges and receive personalised suggestions on your next steps towards reclaiming your sleep. Find out more here
  • SLEEP REBUILDER : This programme is for anyone struggling with insomnia or sleep problems - struggling to get to sleep, struggling to stay asleep or waking up very early. Find out more here
  • SLEEP OPTIMISER : This programme teaches you how to get the best possible sleep through learning sleep skills and how to set conditions up in favour of great quality sleep. Find out more here
  • SLEEP SHIFTER : This programme is for anyone who works shifts or irregular patterns who would like to learn how to optimise sleep and protect against sleep deprivation. Find out more here
  • SPEAKING, WORKSHOPS AND TRAINING: My standard and bespoke sleep trainings are available in a range of formats to suit different events and workplaces. Find out more here
  • SLEEP STORIES : Read a collection of stories from people who have overcome their sleep difficulties and now look forward to bedtime. Find out more here
  • BLOG : A collection of information to help you to understand aspects of sleep and realise that you are not alone in your experiences. Find out more here

Book Your Sleep Assessment With Emma Now

It doesn't matter whether you have experienced sleep problems for 2 months or 20 years, a sleep assessment is your first step to solving the problem.


What they say:


'It’s important to seek help as soon as you can. It may feel like a drastic measure but its senseless struggling on and the issue spiralling out of control. I had no idea about the mechanics of sleep and so without professional help I don’t feel I would have been able to resolve the issue alone'


'I was very tearful and had been unable to talk to many people about the problem as it’s not an illness as such. However, for me it was debilitating and I could foresee no solution. What a difference a few weeks makes. Thank you Emma'

My Professional Bio

Emma Ashford is one of the UK’s leading Sleep Experts & Insomnia Therapists, changing and saving lives with what most of us take for granted - a good night’s sleep, every night.

A member of the British Sleep Society (BSS), a highly-experienced Psychotherapist, Counsellor, NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Coach specialising in sleep disorders, Emma has worked with hundreds of patients in private practice, where her unique SAFE Sleep FormulaTM helps her clients overcome their insomnia.

Author of QuickCalm and international speaker, Emma gives interviews on sleep education, protecting sleep through sleep skills and preventing insomnia. A trusted consultant and trainer, Emma provides sleep and stress management consultancy, talks, workshops and bespoke programmes for both private and public sector organisations such as NatWest and South Yorkshire Police.

A highly sought-after Insomnia Therapist, as her private practice waiting list in the UK grew, Emma embraced the opportunity of technology. Today, clients from all over the world, can be taken through the SAFE Sleep FormulaTM online, from the comfort of their own homes – with the same results.



Publications Featured In:

Emma’s work helping people overcome insomnia and sleep problems has been featured in publications such as:

The Guardian

Natural Health Magazine

→ Healthy Magazine


→ As a regular contributor to the Sheffield Star advice section

→ Emma was featured on BBC's Look North, advising on sleep during the Covid19 pandemic. 

Trusted for her expertise, experience, and empathy, Emma brings a huge amount of understanding and reassurance to her work whilst maintaining a positive and often humorous attitude in this difficult topic area.

If you can’t sleep, you are in safe hands with Emma...



Some Of My Key Achievements Include: 

  • Delivering workshops to key organisations such as Derbyshire County Council, NatWest Bank and South Yorkshire Police
  • Writing and publishing my first book in 2013
  • Serving as a sleep expert on the advisory panel for 'Sleep Advisor' (sleepadvisor.org) 
  • Delivering training on sleeping well as a shift worker to thousands of Police Officers through the 'Street Skills' Programme.
  • Raising the profile of sleep issues in various publications such as Natural Health Magazine and on the radio.
  • Being featured on BBC's Look North during the Covid 19 global health pandemic
  • Over 10 years in therapy practice in my hometown of Sheffield

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