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Insomnia and sleep difficulties come in all different shapes and sizes.

It's easy to feel like you are the only one with this problem and that nothing can help you.  

Here is a collection of stories from real people (shared with permission) who overcame their sleep problems by following the Sleep Rebuilder process. 

These stories prove that it doesn't matter what form your sleep problems take, or how long you have been struggling. What matters is that you take action to solve the problem. 


* Please note - stock images and first names are used to protect confidentiality


From depending on sleeping tablets to great, natural sleep

- Steve's Story

After some anxiety related to health issues, Steve struggled with his sleep and felt reliant on sleeping tablets. He couldn't see a possibility for himself where he would be able to get off them and get enough sleep.


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Drastically improving health through consistent good quality sleep

- Gill's Story

After a major change to her life 20 years ago, Gill's sleep badly deteriorated. Even though she was still getting around 8 hours of sleep per night it was very poor quality, waking every 40-50 minutes...

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Overcoming a lifetime of struggles with sleep

- Penny's Story

Penny had had sleeping issues for most of her adult life with her sleep problems getting worse gradually with age, and deteriorating significantly during the perimenopause. Her sleep was unpredictable & random...


From feeling like a zombie to feeling well rested

- Mark's Story

Averaging 3-4 hours sleep/night, being constantly tired was the norm for Mark. But of course this had an effect on how he was around & towards his wife and kids. Often snappy and impatient...


Recovering from 20 years of severe insomnia to getting restful nights sleep

- Jez's Story

For 20 years, Jez experienced insomnia which only got worse as time passed. When he decided to seek help, he was getting 3 hours or less of poor quality sleep a night. The impact on his day to day functioning was dreadful. 


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Journey from desperation to restful nights

- Elaine's Story

Elaine's insomnia had started very gradually and got worse and worse until she was feeling very desperate. She was surviving on very little sleep and nothing was helping.


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Recovery from insomnia after the menopause

- Andrea's Story

Menopause triggered 10 years of insomnia for Andrea. Until she sought help she was getting only a few hours sleep a night, with some nights no sleep at all.


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'I was a ball of insomnia and depression'

- Jordan's Story

After a visit to A&E due to the physical impact of not sleeping at all for days, Jordan knew he needed to seek help but his GP had told him there was nothing they could do. He was unable to work and became scared of bed and sleep.


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Overcoming 20 years of insomnia and nightmares

- Chris' Story

Since having nightmares every night for so many years, Chris had built up a lot of negative expectations and fear around night time and sleeping. He was suffering from sleep deprivation and lots of unpleasant physical symptoms. 


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Recovery from 8 years of insomnia started by menopause

- Sue's Story

After 8 years of struggling to get to sleep and waking up during the night, Sue found her immune system was low and she was getting recurring infections. She could not identify any reason for her insomnia as she had a happy balance in her life but it started during the menopause.


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Sleeping well next to a snoring partner

- Sarah's Story

After struggling with sleep since childhood, Sarah became very anxious when she became unable to sleep next to her partner who was snoring. She slept in a separate bed but still had nightmares and woke up with a start which significantly disrupted her sleep.


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Solving 'no sleep before work' insomnia

- Ruth's Story

After a stressful period at work and subsequent disturbed sleep, Ruth developed sleep anxiety on the nights before she had to go to work but slept well on the other nights. Sometimes only just surviving work on less than an hours sleep, she knew she needed to find help.

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Overcoming sleep anxiety to get back into bed with her partner

- Ros' Story

Being up at night with her young child and returning to work after maternity leave created sleep anxiety for Ros which meant she could only sleep in the spare room away from her husband. She desperately wanted to break this cycle. 

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From 'tired but wired' to sleeping soundly

- Dan's Story

After turning 30, Dan noticed he was becoming less resilient to coping with lack of sleep, despite struggling for years. He also rarely slept next to his girlfriend which felt like a huge barrier to them moving in together. So he decided to seek help.

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From 30 minutes a night to 8 hours a night

- Richard's Story

Without taking a sleeping tablet, 30 minutes sleep was all Richard was able to get. When his GP said they wanted to take him off the tablets, he had to find another solution quickly. 

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Sleep desperation to sleep heaven

- Hannah's Story

After 3-4 hours sleep on a good night, Hannah was struggling to cope with going to work and living every day life. She was crying every morning, feeling increasingly frustrated with herself and didn't believe she would ever sleep well again.

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Overcoming sleep anxiety triggered by becoming a mum

- Helen's Story

The disrupted sleep routine with a new baby led to a significant sleep anxiety problem for Helen. She had panic attacks when she was awake in the night leading to even more problems sleeping.

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Breaking the cycle of anxiety and sleeplessness

- Debbie's Story

After a bereavement and a difficult few months, Debbie found herself struggling with very high anxiety. This significantly impacted her sleep which was what made her seek help. 

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