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1 in 3 people will struggle with insomnia at some point in their life.


Sleep and sleep problems are therefore an integral part of the overall picture of health and wellbeing.

All businesses and organisations have a responsibility to address and support the welfare and wellbeing of their employees. Read below for more on how I can  provide an easy and flexible solution to addressing the area of sleep and associated issues. 

The Cost

It is estimated that the annual cost of lost sleep in the UK is £40billion and 200,000 working days lost in the UK every year due to insufficient sleep. When staff are at work, sleep deprivation causes reduced productivity and performance.

No business or organisation can afford to have a sleep deprived workforce or management structure.

Show your staff you care

Providing workshops, training or events to address aspects of wellbeing is an excellent way to show your staff that you care about them and value them as individuals. We are all human and we all have to sleep so this topic is applicable across the board at all levels or your organisation.

Win-win for your company

Adequate, good quality sleep improves mood; focus, productivity and motivation as well as drastically improving wellbeing and overall quality of life. Good education, habits and support around sleep is a win win for you and every individual in your company.

Bring in the expert

I bring my skills as a sleep expert and insomnia therapist to group or training settings within organisations to provide friendly and approachable learning on sleep and sleep problems.

Proven track-record

As a regular contributor to the South Yorkshire Police Wellbeing Programme and having facilitated trainings and drop in clinics in a wide range of companies such as NatWest and Social Services, I adapt the content and style of my delivery to my audience.

Bespoke programmes

You might want an interactive workshop with resources and tools to implement, or you might want a presentation to be delivered at an event. With 10 years experience working with sleep and insomnia, hundreds of case studies to draw from and a wealth of resources developed with different demographic groups in mind, I can be flexible and adapt to your event or environment.     


How I Can Work With You:

Provide access to my programmes for your workforce
 Book me to speak at your event
Run workshops or sleep clinics in your workplace

 Popular topics include:

  • How to optimise your sleep
  • How to deal with sleep problems
  • Stress and sleep
  • Small tweaks to reduce stress
  • Personal resilience
  • Protecting sleep for parents
  • Protecting sleep for shift workers
  • Sleep and the menopause

I am always happy to create bespoke trainings or workshops for your workplace and the challenges of your staff teams. Contact me to discuss your needs.



Training in the workplace

If you neglect this topic, the impact can be significant. 

These are just some of things I have been told by clients:

  • 'I am thinking about crashing my car on purpose so I can have some time off work no questions asked'
  • 'I love my job but I am thinking about giving it up because I can't sleep'
  • 'I am off sick from work but I don't dare tell them its because I can't sleep'
  • 'I go into work after being awake all night and I know I'm not functioning properly but I have no choice'
  • 'I am terrified I will make a mistake or cause an accident because I'm so tired' 

We have to wonder how much sickness absence, how many people leave the job and how many accidents / incidents are caused by sleep issues.

Sleep really matters. Create a positive culture in your workplace to keep everyone safe and well. 

What They Say...


“The whole presentation was very well presented and informative. Clearly knowledgeable about the subject and some great tips to take away. Thank you”

South Yorkshire Police Training Day

Best training day input in 17years service. Everything was explained 100% – Thank you.”

South Yorkshire Police Training Day

“I was in the audience for your presentation at the Wellbeing Conference a few weeks ago and was really impressed by your input.

Lucy - Delegate

“Everyone really enjoyed the day and talked about how they will continue to benefit from it. It was just as I hoped it would be so thank you very much.”

Stress Management Workshop for Social Services Team


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