Nice to Meet You!

Our team is dedicated to helping you seek the sleep you need to improve your quality of life.



Meet Emma:


Hi, I’m Emma, sleep expert, mum of 2 and sunshine loving girl living in Sheffield, UK.

I’m the founder and CEO of Sleep Seekers as well as Chief Sleep Coach and Insomnia Therapist.

All of the products, programmes and courses within Sleep Seekers are designed and taught by me and I do all of the 1-1 work to support our clients with their sleep. I also teach all things sleep to organisations, speak at conferences and generally promote sleep wherever I get the opportunity.

I never tire of witnessing the difference more sleep can make to a persons life - to me, this is the best job in the world and I only want to find more ways of positively changing the worlds sleep for the better.

When I’m not working you can usually find me on adventures with my husband and kids, sitting in the sunshine (on those rare days in the UK), cooking yummy food in the kitchen or of course, enjoying a good nights sleep.


Meet Jaimee:


Hi, I’m Jaimee, a double Olympian, mum of 3 & a coffee loving Kiwi living in France!

I’m the online business manager at Sleep Seekers which means I do all of the tech stuff behind the scenes to give you a great experience with our website, products and courses. My aim is to keep the tech headaches away from Emma so she is free to focus on you and your sleep.

I love knowing that my tech skills can be used this way to make such a difference to so many peoples sleep and the overall mission of Sleep Seekers.

When I’m not working, you can usually find me out & about hiking the beautiful French trails, collapsing off my exercise bike at the end of a training session or of course, sleeping!

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