Recovering from 20 years of severe insomnia to getting restful nights sleep - Jez's Story

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READ: Recovering from 20 years of severe insomnia to getting restful nights sleep

Jez’s sleep problem in brief:
+ 20 years of trouble sleeping
+ Get to sleep no problem but wake after a few hours
+ 3 hours a night or less
+ Felt sleep was of poor quality
+ Reliance on sleeping tablets to get any sleep at all

Jez had a good evening routine, followed all the sleep hygiene advice and would get to sleep no problem, but then would wake up 3 hours later and that would often be him wide awake for the rest of the night. Occasionally he would fall back asleep but he did not feel that was good quality sleep. He described having 'hassle dreams' where he would feel stressed. His mind would race when he was awake in the night and he would read a book to try to distract his mind away from this. One weekend a month he would be on call for work and on these nights he slept even less. He was exhausted, would often fall asleep in front of the TV but could never sleep a full night. He was finding that sleeping tablets were becoming less and less effective. The biggest stress in his life was his lack of sleep - he felt that if he could be well rested, he would be able to cope with his work stress without a problem.



Q: Describe how things were for you before working with Emma  ( much sleep you were getting, what was concerning you, how you were feeling  etc). 

Before I sought Emma’s help I’d had problems sleeping for 20 years – a combination of a noisy neighbourhood, then children, then work had all played their part keeping me awake or waking me in the night. However, in the past couple of years the situation deteriorated to the point where I was only able to function properly by taking sleeping pills.  It was normal to be getting three hours of sleep a night or less, sometimes none at all.  Apart from obviously being exhausted all the time, the low-mood and impact on day-to-day life was awful.

Q: Describe how things are for you now since finishing therapy sessions. What has changed? 

I feel transformed.  Sleep is longer an issue!  I sleep about seven hours a night and wake up refreshed and clear headed.  I still wake up occasionally, but this isn’t a problem and I drift back off again (previously impossible).

Q: If you could go back and give yourself a piece of advice or support when you were  struggling, what would it be? 

If I could go back and give myself a piece of advice, it would be to seek professional, i.e. Emma’s, help earlier.  I spent years thinking it was ‘just me’ and as my sleep worsened I spent months of desperate wasted effort on ‘internet cures’ – don’t watch TV, no ‘blue light’ etc. – all nonsense!  

Don’t waste your time, get help.





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Q: Are there any other comments you would like to make (eg how you found the programme  experience as a whole)? 

I can’t think of a way the experience could be improved – Emma took me through the basics and then quickly honed in on my problems so from there is was easy to take the steps she suggested.



A Note From Emma:

Jez is proof that it does not matter how long a sleep problem has been going on, it can still be solved relatively quickly. Understandably Jez was very sceptical that he could be helped because he had been struggling like this for 20 years with nothing making much difference. The most important thing was that he was willing to try and had not completely written himself off. Through following the sleep rebuilder process and retraining his body and mind to sleep, as well as addressing the unhelpful habits and beliefs he had picked up from years of internet research, and addressing how he could manage general life and work stress, he was able to transform his sleep. 
It was a particular highlight for me when he told me he has been late for work because he had slept through his alarm for the first time in over 20 years!


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