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From depending on sleeping tablets to great, natural sleep - Steve's Story


Steve's sleep problem in brief:

+ Broken and disturbed sleep

+ Waking for the day from 3 or 4am

+ Felt reliant and stuck on sleeping tablets

+ Fear of going to bed

+ Significant affect on every day functioning

Steve developed sleep problems when he was dealing with an anxiety provoking health situation. His health situation improved but his sleep did not. He then struggled for over a year with the effects of sleep deprivation and dreading going to bed. He had just sought help when the Covid...

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From 'tired but wired' to sleeping soundly - Dan's Story

Dan's Sleep Problem In Brief: 

+ Struggled with sleep all his adult life

+ 1 night a week didn't sleep at all

+ 3 nights a week only sleeping 3 hours

+ Couldn't sleep next to girlfriend

+ Sleep was poor quality

Dan was a busy young man with lots of friends, interests and a job he really took pride in. But, he was finding it harder and harder to cope with the lack of sleep he was experiencing. His sleep pattern was very mixed as he did get some good nights each week but would then survive...

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From desperation to restful nights sleep - Elaine's Story

Elaine’s sleep problem in brief:

+ 2 1/2 years of insomnia

+ No more than a couple of hours sleep a night

+ Some nights no sleep at all

+ Feeling very anxious and depressed

+ Feelings of panic going to bed

Elaine was surviving with very little sleep and her daily life was suffering  as a result. She described that she had always been a light sleeper but the problems started when she took on a new responsibility in her life. She even retired earlier than planned because she wasn't...

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Recovering from 20 years of severe insomnia to getting restful nights sleep - Jez's Story


+ 20 years of trouble sleeping

+ Get to sleep no problem but wake after a few hours

+ 3 hours a night or less

+ Felt sleep was of poor quality

+ Reliance on sleeping tablets to get any sleep at all

Jez had a good evening routine, followed all the sleep hygiene advice and would get to sleep no problem, but then would wake up 3 hours later and that would often be him wide awake for the rest of the night. Occasionally he would fall back asleep but he did not...

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