From waking every 40-55mins to quality sleep - Gill's Story

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Drastically improving health through consistent good quality sleep

READ: how Gill went from waking every 40-55mins and struggling to fall back asleep to following an evening wind down routine leading to better quality sleep

Gill’s sleep story in brief:
+ Struggle to get to sleep and then waking at least every hour
+ Dizzy and disoriented in the morning
+ Sleeping tablets made no difference
+ Complexion grey and feeling exhausted all the time

Gill had a lot of stress in her life due to selling her house, having gone through a complicated divorce and worrying about her children. She found that her thoughts were racing round her head at night and she could only maintain sleep for around an hour before she would wake again. She was really feeling the effect of sleep deprivation on her health and feeling that exhaustion was making her heart condition worse. She had anxieties about being burgled since living alone so found it easier to sleep after 4am.



Q: Describe how things were for you before starting the Sleep Rebuilder Programme  ( much sleep you were getting, what was concerning you, how you were feeling  etc). 

After a major change to my life 20 years ago my sleep badly deteriorated. Even though I was still getting around 8 hours of sleep per night it was very poor quality. Every night I would wake every 40-50 minutes sometimes going back to sleep pretty  quickly but on many occasions being awake for an hour or so before finally dropping off. My health was suffering badly through lack of quality sleep and some days I would need to relax for 3 hours or so before I properly felt able to start my day. 



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Q: Describe how things are for you now. What has changed? 

Now having worked through the sleep programme I now get at least 8 hours of quality  sleep each night. 

I follow my evening routine and find I can sleep 4-5 hours before I awaken. I can then  using the techniques I have learnt along the way to fall back asleep virtually straight away  and also I now fall deep enough asleep to dream, something I haven’t done for many  years. 

Q: If you could go back and give yourself a piece of advice or support when you were  struggling, what would it be? 

To realise a lot of what I was struggling with was actually down to the lack of quality in my  sleep. Also as I never wanted to go down the sleeping tablet route, I should have looked  into an alternative solution to my sleeping problem which I have found through this  programme. 

Q: Are there any other comments you would like to make (eg how you found the programme  experience as a whole)? 

The whole programme was easy to follow, but you have to work with it to gain results. Emma was a calming influence as at first I thought I would be beyond help. 



A Note From Emma:

Whilst working with Gill I witnessed her health visibly improve as the quantity and quality of  her sleep improved. She became noticeably brighter in mood and the colour came back  into her face. As someone who had never used zoom before, she had been concerned  about what working in this way would be like but very quickly got used to it and got all the  benefits from the programme. It is very common for a major life change to be the trigger for  sleep problems as it was for Gill. I am really glad that her struggling health prompted her to  seek help as now she is enjoying the benefits of good, consistent sleep.



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