Recovery from 8 years of insomnia started by menopause - Sue's Story

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READ: Recovery from 8 years of insomnia started by menopause

Sue’s sleep problem in brief:
+ 8 years of insomnia
+ Seemed to begin during menopause but continued long after the end of menopause
+ Difficulty getting to sleep or early hours waking and not able to get back to sleep
+ Sense of brain waking up when the lights go off – ‘can’t switch off
+ Experienced a number of recent minor health issues – likely caused by low immune system

Sue had a very mixed pattern of sleep - some nights struggling to get to sleep, other nights getting to sleep no problem but waking a few hours later. She felt that her brain woke up when she turned off the lights at night even though this would just be with random thoughts and songs. Sue was concerned that her sleep problems had been caused by the menopause and so she was stuck with this as an after effect. She was struggling with the impact of sleep deprivation more and more until she decided to seek help.



Q: Describe how things were for you before working with Emma  ( much sleep you were getting, what was concerning you, how you were feeling  etc). 

Before I started the sessions I was having sleep problems on number of nights each week. This would either involve great difficulty getting to sleep or waking in middle of the night and unable to get back to sleep. I was feeling and looking tired and during the past year had a number of minor health issues and infections (urinary tract and upper respiratory infections).

Q: Describe how things are for you now since finishing therapy sessions. What has changed? 

Since ending the therapy sessions I can report a considerable change – improvement – in my sleep pattern. I now sleep very well – and do not experience trouble in getting to sleep or being awake for long periods during the night. As a consequence I feel much better in myself and feel that i look much better too.

Q: If you could go back and give yourself a piece of advice or support when you were  struggling, what would it be? 

If I could go back and give myself a piece of advice or support when I was struggling it would be to seek help at a much, much  earlier point. My sleep problem had been going on for 8 years – beginning with the menopause- but continuing after other symptoms such as hot flushes had finished. It took me a long while to see it as  a ‘problem’ that could be addressed by seeing help!





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Q: Are there any other comments you would like to make (eg how you found the programme  experience as a whole)? 

I’m entirely happy with the service offered by  Emma  – I had regular appointments over a few weeks – so the problem was resolved fairly quickly. 



A Note From Emma:

Sue was at a loss as to why she couldn't sleep as she felt she managed the stress of her job well and she did not have any big worries in her life. She had a good evening routine and followed sensible sleep hygiene advice. The menopause had triggered her sleep troubles so the SAFE sleep formula helped her to address the unhelpful habit that had formed in her sleep from that time and she was able to quickly restore the sleep that she needed. 



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