To the perpetually sleep deprived - I see you

long term insomnia

You want to sleep but you can’t. You know you desperately need sleep but it just won’t come. Maybe your doctor has told you there is nothing more they can do for you. Maybe you don’t want to take sleeping tablets or maybe you take them but wish you didn’t. Maybe you take them and they don’t work. Maybe you don’t know what to do or maybe you gave up on all that a long time ago. Regardless, you are chronically sleep deprived.


And I want you to know that I see you.

To those who look in the mirror and don’t recognise the exhausted person looking back at them…I see you.

To those spending lonely hour after lonely hour awake at night willing sleep to come…I see you.

To those who feel that the world is whizzing around them like a party they weren’t invited to…I see you.

To those who negotiate with themselves about when it’s ok to take a sleeping tablet or ‘nibble’ at one, praying it will do the trick…I see you.

To those who get out of bed exhausted and deflated and simply do not know how they will get through the day…I see you

To those who feel like a lost cause…I see you.

To those who dread the night time…I see you.

To those who feel so lonely in the dead of night…I see you.

To those whose mind goes to the darkest, most negative places in the quiet of night…I see you

To those whose first thought when invited somewhere or planning a holiday is ‘will I be able to sleep’…I see you

To those who have ever had a holiday ruined by their inability to sleep…I see you.

To those who have given up hope after years of suffering from lack of sleep…I see you.

To those who believe ‘there must be something wrong with me’ or ‘maybe I just don’t need that much sleep’…I see you

To those who plaster on a smile and carry on as normal, trying to ignore the tiredness that is heavy in every part of their being…I see you

To those whose mind feels thick and foggy during the day but then comes alive, buzzing with thoughts at night…I see you

To those who feel unable enjoy their life or their family to the full because they are just too tired…I see you

To the perpetually sleep deprived…I see you and YOU ARE NOT ALONE.


In actual fact, the perpetually sleep deprived are everywhere. They are our family members, our friends, our colleagues. They need love and kindness and understanding and support. But more than all that they need recognition and acknowledgement. They need to exist in our awareness.


The problem of insomnia needs to come out of the darkness and into the light. It is a debilitating condition, it is a daily struggle for so many but yet it is still largely hidden.


Please reach out to anyone you know who has insomnia. Share this post. Let them know that you see them, that they are not alone. You may never know how much that means.