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Sleeping well next to a snoring partner - Sarah's Story


Sarah’s sleep problem in brief:

+ 18 months of sleeping separately from partner

+ Struggles with sleep since childhood

+ Expecting not to sleep

+ Anxious about going to bed, stressful dreams and waking with a start

Sarah had moved to a separate bed from her partner due to his snoring but she was still not sleeping well. She was feeling anxious about her sleep, feeling that her sleep was light and poor quality and was waking with a jump on a regular basis. She was feeling very tired but...

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Recovery from 8 years of insomnia started by menopause - Sue's Story


Sue’s sleep problem in brief:

+ 8 years of insomnia

+ Seemed to begin during menopause but continued long after the end of menopause

+ Difficulty getting to sleep or early hours waking and not able to get back to sleep

+ Sense of brain waking up when the lights go off – ‘can’t switch off’

+ Experienced a number of recent minor health issues – likely caused by low immune system

Sue had a very mixed pattern of sleep - some nights struggling to get to sleep,...

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Overcoming 20 years of insomnia and nightmares - Chris's Story


Chris’s sleep problem in brief:

+ 20 year history of significant sleep disturbance

+ Very broken sleep

+ Persistent nightmares

+ Using sleeping tablets some nights

+ Low mood

Chris was experiencing a lot of anxiety and fear about sleep. He would get to sleep ok but wake up an hour later and when he fell asleep again he would have nightmares that led to him waking sweating and feeling very anxious. He would often then be awake for the day from 3am. He had tried counselling and...

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'I was a ball of insomnia and depression' - Jordan's Story


Jordan’s sleep problem in brief:

+ Short term but very intense sleep problem

+ Experiencing significant low mood

+ Working nights at first then unable to work at all

+ Had visited A&E in desperation

+ Feeling very fearful

Jordan had a very intense experience of insomnia which took hold very quickly. He was getting very little sleep and even when he was asleep he felt it was very light and he felt like he wasn't really asleep. He had become very fearful of going to bed, he would...

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Recovery from insomnia after menopause - Andrea's Story


Andrea’s sleep problem in brief:

+ 10 years of sleep problems since menopause

+ Interrupted / little sleep most nights, some nights no sleep at all

+ Feeling that turning off the light and putting her head on the pillow seemed to ‘wake up’ her brain, even when she felt exhausted

+ ‘Foggy head’, memory struggles, ‘the colour had drained out of my world’, racing mind

+ No success with sleeping tablets and didn’t want to pursue medications further

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From desperation to restful nights sleep - Elaine's Story

Elaine’s sleep problem in brief:

+ 2 1/2 years of insomnia

+ No more than a couple of hours sleep a night

+ Some nights no sleep at all

+ Feeling very anxious and depressed

+ Feelings of panic going to bed

Elaine was surviving with very little sleep and her daily life was suffering  as a result. She described that she had always been a light sleeper but the problems started when she took on a new responsibility in her life. She even retired earlier than planned because she wasn't...

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Recovering from 20 years of severe insomnia to getting restful nights sleep - Jez's Story


+ 20 years of trouble sleeping

+ Get to sleep no problem but wake after a few hours

+ 3 hours a night or less

+ Felt sleep was of poor quality

+ Reliance on sleeping tablets to get any sleep at all

Jez had a good evening routine, followed all the sleep hygiene advice and would get to sleep no problem, but then would wake up 3 hours later and that would often be him wide awake for the rest of the night. Occasionally he would fall back asleep but he did not...

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